What is this?

This website displays a simple writing prompt. That's it. Every day, it changes. However, it repeats every year. So, if you were to revisit the site one year from today, you'd see the same prompt as you do right now. This means you can continue to answer the same questions every year on the same day, and see how your answers change over time.

This app is best used (in my opinion), with Day One, but you can use whatever journaling system you prefer. If you do use Day One, you can easily create journal entries by simply clicking the button below each prompt. Additionally, if you create a separate journal called "Daily Q & A" for these kinds of entries, they will automatically be added there.


This site was lovingly crafted by Gordon Fontenot. The source is available on GitHub. The daily questions were taken from Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal.